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Learn about the Rex Denton Jr. Artistic Achievement Awards Program  Read more ›

His Life

Learn how his mother and second grade drawing class kindled his desire to draw

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His Art

See more of his art and learn about the “Faces of Fordsville” at the Fordsville Historical Society and Museum

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His Awards Program

The Rex Denton Jr. Artistic Achievement Awards Program

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The Faces of Fordsville

Pencil Portraits

Rex Denton Jr. expressed his commitment to his community with his pencil portraits of many of Fordsville’s most beloved citizens.  Some were drawn from photographs others from settings.

Personal Notes

The personal notes that Rex added to each of his portraits introduces our visitors to Fordsville  merchants, bankers, oil and coal workers and the  restaurateurs of Fordsville in the forties, fifties and sixties. 

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Mission and 2018 Winner

The Mission and objective of this program is twofold:  (1) To celebrate the memory and art of the late Rex Denton Jr. by encouraging the artistic development of the students of Fordsville Elementary.  (2) To recognize the outstanding artistic achievements of Fordsville students with grade specific awards for their participation in the Annual Rex Denton Pencil Portrait Awards Program.   Go to Student Art Awards Page...

CONGRATULATIONS to this year's winner. The 2018 winner of the $100 Best Overall Artist went to a 5th Grader. See all of this year's entries and prize winners by code Go to the Student Art Awards Page...

Why Pencil Portraits?

Capturing an expression, a twinkle of the eye, or a furrowed brow.   They all tell a story...


Rex Denton Jr.’s favorite portrait was of his father.  His father sat for the portrait and Rex worked diligently to capture his hard earned expression lines. 

A twinkle of the eye

The glint of a twinkle in his eye and his warm friendly smile made visitors to Bellamy’s Restaurant (on Main Street) feel right at home in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

A furrowed brow

This well-groomed gentleman barber kept young Rex Denton well-groomed in the 1930’s.  A boy’s haircut was 25 cents but he often gave the boys a nichol back for candy at the general store. 

All of the portraits featured on this website were sketched by Rex Denton Jr.  but the  photographs at the top of this page are from  Istockphotos.com

Fordsville Historical Society 

Learn more about the Fordsville Historical Society and Museum Inc.

Fordsville Elementary

Learn more about Fordsville Elementary School and the Ohio County School System

Fordsville, Kentucky

Learn more about where Rex Denton Jr. lived for more than eighty-five years.

Awards Program

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