His Art

It started with a second grade pencil drawing class...

The Pencil

  • When Rex was young his mother encouraged him to go outside and draw whatever he saw.  His mother kept a pencil sketched bunny, one of his first drawings, for many years.

Only Two Lessons

  • Only two art lessons in the second grade triggered a lifelong desire to sketch.  The first class was pencil drawing and the second was ink.


  • Rex Denton Jr. Spent 50 years as a school photographer.  He learned a great deal about facial bone structure and shading when he hand-tinted graduation pictures.

His Faces

  • Rex Denton Jr.’s pencil portraits tell a story and often document local history.  He documented personal notes on most all of his sketches.
The Faces of Fordsville Open House

In July 2014 the Fordsville Historical Society and Museum was honored to host an open house featuring “The Faces of Fordsville.”  Thirty-one of Rex  Denton Jr.’s pencil portraits were displayed in the Fordsville L & N Depot museum.  Artist Denon was 95 years old at the time but enjoyed the day with many Fordsville friends and family members.  We have included three links below that will allow you to view the open house, see a PowerPoint Presentation of the “Faces of Fordsville” or if you prefer, view a PDF featuring the “Faces of Fordsville.”   Click “Open” when the page opens.

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